What is the "chemical sense" in perfume?
August 10,2021.

Whenever mentioning "chemical feeling", most people will naturally use it as a derogatory term to describe the feeling of cheap perfume. Some people think that this kind of chemical feeling does not exist, because perfume itself, as an industrialized product, is essentially chemical in nature. The impression of chemical feeling mainly comes from artificial flavors, and artificial flavors are widely used in various daily necessities, such as shampoos, detergents, shower gels, etc...The addition of odors is mainly to cover up these The original smell in the product, or the cheapest way to add fragrance. Therefore, when a lot of artificial fragrances are used in the formula of perfume, it is inevitably reminiscent of daily necessities. In life, various natural gas smells are actually very complicated. For example, the orange flavor, when the orange is opened, thousands of odor molecules burst out, and the strongest and most obvious molecules are condensed together, so it gives us the feeling of "orange flavor".

The artificially synthesized orange flavor only simulates the most important odor molecules. Although it can make people smell orange immediately, it lacks hundreds of scent details. Therefore, when we smell cheap orange perfume, this lack of detail is actually chemical. The invention of artificial tube essence has added more possibilities to perfumers, got rid of the constraints of nature, created more new scents, and made many previously impossible ideas possible. The invention of artificial flavor greatly reduces the production cost of perfume and expands the production scale of perfume. Since then, perfume is no longer the patent of European aristocracy. It can be said that 99% of perfumes on the market are not purely natural. The difference is that the proportion of natural perfumes is different. On this issue, not everyone is very good at reaching consensus. Because everyone's experience of perfume is different, it is easy to distinguish from the nose after smelling hundreds of perfumes, which perfumes have a higher proportion of natural fragrances, which perfumes have strong natural fragrances, and which perfumes have artificial fragrances. Proportion.

Artificial flavors are also divided into three to six or nine grades. Good artificial flavors are comparable in complexity to natural flavors, and the price is even higher. Artificial fragrances can be said to be equivalent to where the bones of perfumes are. They make perfumes have a sense of hierarchy and each has its own merits. The world of smell is so wonderful and colorful. The sense of smell is the most mysterious sense in the human body. It is always worth exploring, discovering new smells, and finding new love.
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